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Invisalign® Treatment - Not Your Parents Braces

Who remembers the cartoon depictions of teens getting “lip-locked” because their metal braces got tangled together during a smooch? Luckily, technological advances in orthodontics have come a long way since those cartoons. Traditional metal braces are still a very common and effective way to move teeth. However, “clear aligner” therapy is becoming increasingly popular among both child and adult patients, and for good reason!

Invisalign® treatment is the oldest and most well known brand of clear aligners that is used for orthodontics. First introduced in 1998, the company has invested decades into research and development in optimizing the technology of this alternative to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign® treatment uses a series of clear trays that work in sequence to incrementally change the position of teeth. These are changed out every week or two. Tooth coloured buttons are often used to help the aligners apply specific forces so that ideal dental movements are achieved.

Clear aligner orthodontic therapy offers some great perks!

  • Patients can remove the trays to clean, brush and floss their teeth, which makes it easier to prevent cavities and gum disease during treatment

  • While the aligners are not 100% invisible, they often go undetected by strangers due to their inconspicuous appearance

  • No need to worry about breaking the metal wire or having a bracket fall off, saving you emergency visits to the dentist

  • Treatment times can be quick, often finishing in 9-12 months (or less!), depending on the type of issue that is being addressed

  • Clear aligners and clear retainers can be used as custom at-home whitening trays

Many patients are fantastic candidates for Invisalign® treatment. Crestmont Dental offers COMPLIMENTARY Invisalign® treatment consultations, where you can come find out what options are available to you. At these visits, a 3D scan is taken and will simulate your treatment outcome.

Come on in and check out your new smile for yourself!


Dr. Cheyanne Olsen

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